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This is a drunk poem

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

You are the great blocker

I once communed with the mind of nature but now it stays mute

You are the great protector

You shelter me from the things I don't want, and the things I want most

My mind slurs as it tries to conure up the idea

You give me nothing to say and all the confidence to say it

All the desire and none of the presence

To give or enjoy anything

You are the great comforter

In that comfort is the substitute

for all the bliss and suffering that constitute a real life

You relieve me from the need to be anything

A human monkey with goals and a concrete identity

You are but one of the things this earth has created

A fermented fruit

A chemical process

A brain reaction

You are slow death in socially acceptable form

Easy to get and easy to fall in love with

I will exterminate myself with you

Through you

Decompose me

Make me become you

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