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Conversing with Mind at Large

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

I understand now

The need for regeneration, passing by destruction

Obsessively reenacting the drama of nature on the playing field of this body

Temple of sacrificial madness and rituals of reassembly

A plastic phoenix combusting into a stink of pungent fumes

Ashes potent with sparks of technicolor binaries

Repetition, evolution, repetition, devolution

I am a strange loop

It feels right to give in

A stomach knot untied

Total freedom as the entropic part of the cycle takes its right place

The tension of ideals that had swarmed and glued together

At last dispersing into a glorious rising chaos

I am an unconscious actor

The below to your above

An offshoot so far removed from the original primal scream of orgasmic life

That it would seem like an alien wave to the ocean of your womb

Lost in the complexity of ways to express the essential

Create, destroy, flourish, compost

Throwing life away on purpose to experience the ecstasy of putting it back together

Crashing as hard as possible to produce some rainbow in the flying fuel

Because nothing is beautiful without a mirror of death

A negative pole essential for the magnetism of this reality to keep me here

I am but a branch of your spectrum, as we all are

Every dead and living instance of your persistent will to exist

Thank you, I love your paradox more than anything in the end.

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